In remembrance, on this day of their memorial service…..



May they all rest in peace.  And, may their families find comfort in their memories of their loved ones making the ultimate sacrifice.


Visit Smokey Bear at Safeway to learn more about fire safety…

Document credit:  Kaibab National Forest

Safeway Hosts Smokey Bear by High Country Fire-Rescue Dept.

Remembering the fallen & families of Granite Mountain Hotshots…

Yesterday’s tragic loss of 19 hotshot firefighters assigned to the Yarnell, Arizona wildland fire impacts all of us in many ways.

If you would like to help their families, please consider making a donation to the 100 Club of Arizona.

Click the emblem below to learn more about this worthwhile organization and make your donation to the memorial fund especially setup for the Granite Mountain Hotshots surviving families .


100 Club of Arizona, on Facebook

RIP Granite Mountain Hostshots. Condolences to the families, fellow firefighters, and friends.

Lightning Safety Reminders

Monsoon season is upon us which means the potential of lightning strikes in our area.  Be sure to immediately report any sign of smoke after experiencing nearby lightning strikes.

Call 911 for all emergencies related to visible smoke and/or lightning injuries.

Image credit:  NWS Flagstaff


Continue to use caution…fire restrictions remain!

Image credit:  NWS Vegas