Animal Services Director

   High Country Fire-Rescue’s Animal Services Director Kat Stiver has had a life-long interaction with animals.  As soon as she could walk, animals seemed drawn to Kat.  Her mother recalls finding her missing toddler sitting amid a group of ducks and chicks no one else could get near at Knotts Berry Farm.  For 20 years the Galapagos tortoise at Knotts treated her like its family.  And, a myriad of animals began to “follow” Kat home.  This strang phenomenon continues today, and her long suffering family never quite knows what is coming through the door at any given moment.

Her early adult life in law enforcement soon evolved into humane law enforcement in California.  After taking time off to care for her family, she has returned to the field she loves:  working with animals.

Working with High Country Fire-Rescue, Kat has stepped into the postion of Animal Services Director upon completion of her Emergency Animal Medical Technician certification through the Arizona Humane Society.  Kat plans to acquire licensing through the Arizona Game and Fish Department to cover all segments of animal society.

“Our county and state personnel are stretched so thin that appropriate help can sometimes be delayed.  We want to fill that window of time, of providing help sooner.  We want to make a difference, ” Kat explains.